About Us

The NewsGuild - Communication Workers of America (TNG-CWA) is a labor union. The CWA, our parent union, represents over 700,000 people around the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. The NewsGuild represents tens of thousands of workers including medical and legal interpreters, ESL teachers, journalists, and more.

We want TNG-CWA to be the home for interpreters. It is not enough to represent interpreters in one place; we need to bring all interpreters together across the country to advance the profession.

If you are inspired to bring your colleauges together and improve working conditions, consider joining the national committee. The national organizing committee is not just for supporters but for activists who want to help create change in the profession. 

The national committee, or Committee of 100, exists to carry the work of EOIR Interpreters United forward. Get in contact with of the organizers to join or learn more. 

Here are some of the responsibilites of national committee members:

Bringing together interpreters from remote to bustling areas of the United States is no easy task. EOIR interpreters are supported in building our union by the skilled support of experienced organizers. Reach out to the national coordinator or the organizer for your state/region.
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