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If you are inspired to bring your colleauges together and improve working conditions, consider joining the national committee. The national organizing committee is not just for supporters but for activists who want to help create change in the profession. 

The national committee, or Committee of 100, exists to carry the work of EOIR Interpreters United forward. Get in contact with of the organizers to join or learn more. 

Here are some of the responsibilites of national committee members:

Dear Colleagues,

This is our response to the letter Jessica Hatchette sent on 7/11/17 written in BLUE below.

She is sending out lies and misinformation to confuse people and make them scared of using our voice. This is precisely when we need to come together, especially with contract renewals right around the corner. They know that when we are united, they can’t stop us for getting fair treatment.

In Solidarity,

EOIR Interpreters United

How do I edit the SOSi contract?

Here are three options:

1. Download a program that allows you to edit PDF documents. Here is one such program: http://www.cometdocs.com/mobileApps

2. Copy and paste the SOSi document into a Word document and edit with the word document.

3. Print out the the SOSi contract and write on it neatly. Then scan the document in to submit it to Egnyte.