NewsGuild and CWA commit national organizers to cause

Bringing together interpreters from remote to bustling areas of the United States is no easy task. EOIR interpreters are supported in building our union by the skilled support of experienced organizers. Reach out to the national coordinator or the organizer for your state/region.

In addtion to the union organizers listed below, a national committee of EOIR interpreters has formed to build interpreter power and unity. To join the committee or learn more, reach out to an organizer below.

Midwest, San Francisco, Florida and National Coordinator: Cat Salonek

East Coast (NY, NJ, MA, PA): Malcolm Emerich

East Coast (VA, MD, DC): Melinda Fiedler

West Coast (CA, WA, OR): Hilda Estrada

South West (CO, AZ): Enida Shuku

Texas: Mike Gross